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Our moist chocolate cake filled with whipped vanilla pudding and topped with a scoop of our strawberry buttercream. 

Everyday Flavors

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Coconut Cream
Our delicious coconut cake filled with coconut cream and topped with our smooth cream cheese frosting dipped in coconut flakes.

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Peanut Butter Cup
Our moist chocolate cake iced with our rich peanut butter buttercream and topped with a Reese's cup.

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Red Velvet
Our classic red velvet cake topped with smooth cream cheese frosting and red velvet crumbles.

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Sea Salt Caramel
Our moist chocolate cake iced with our sea salt caramel merignue frosting and topped with caramel drizzle and a sprinkle of sea salt.


Our famous blackberry cake iced with our smooth cream cheese frosting.


Our airy vanilla cake covered in our classic, old fashioned caramel icing.


Chocolate Coconut
Our moist chocolate cake iced with our smooth cream cheese frosting dipped in coconut flakes.


Our moist chocolate cake dipped in our rich chocolate glaze.

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Your choice of our moist chocolate or airy vanilla cake iced with your choice of our creamy chocolate or vanilla buttercream and topped with sprinkles.

Winter Specials: January - March 


  • Strawberry : Strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream

  • Cinnamon Roll : Vanilla cake swirled with cinnamon sugar and topped with cream cheese icing and cinnamon sugar sprinkle.

  • White Chocolate Raspberry : Vanilla cake with a raspberry jam filling, white chocolate icing, and raspberry drizzle. 



  • Italian Cream: Vanilla cake with coconut and pecans, cream cheese icing mixed with pecans and coconut flakes in. 

  • Chocolate Cherry : Chocolate cake filled with cherry pie filling, cream cheese icing, cherry on top and a choc olate drizzle.

  • Bananas Foster: Banana cake filled with vanilla cream, cream cheese icing and caramel drizzle.


  • Maple Bacon: Maple cake with maple cream cheese icing topped with bacon pieces.

  • Black Forest Cheesecake: Chocolate cheesecake with cream cheese icing, chocolate drizzle, topped with a cherry. 

  • Snow Cream: Vanilla cake filled with vanilla cream, vanilla icing and sugar crystal sprinkles.


  • Carrot Cake - Carrot cake (*contains nuts and pineapple) with a cream cheese icing and pecan on top

  • Cookies n' Cream: Chocolate cake with cream cheese cookies n' cream icing and cookie crumble topping.

  • Chocolate Raspberry: Chocolate cake filled raspberry jam, chocolate icing and a raspberry drizzle.



  • ​Almond: Almond cake with almond icing topped with white sprinkles.

  • Vanilla Chai: Vanilla Chai spiced cake with chai spiced icing topped with gold sprinkles.

  • Snickers: Chocolate cake with caramel filling, chocolate icing, caramel drizzle, topped with snickers pieces. 

  • Oreo Cheesecake: Oreo cheesecake with cream cheese icing and cookie crumble topping. 

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